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Distinguished and Famous people from Robe District

1. Major Thomas O'Halloran (c. 1810–1885)

Major Thomas O'Halloran was the first police magistrate and protector of Aborigines for the southeastern region of South Australia. He was an influential figure during the early colonial period and played a significant role in maintaining law and order in the Robe District.

2. Andrew Blight (1827–1906)

Andrew Blight was an accomplished horticulturist and explorer. He is known for introducing viticulture to South Australia and establishing vineyards in the Robe District. Blight played a vital role in developing the district's agricultural industry.

3. Mildred Pirie (1878–1922)

Mildred Pirie was a renowned artist born in Robe District. She specialized in still-life and landscape paintings. Her artworks are highly regarded and have been exhibited in various galleries across Australia.

4. David Helfgott (born 1947)

David Helfgott is an internationally acclaimed pianist who was born in Robe District. His life and musical journey were portrayed in the award-winning film "Shine" (1996). Helfgott's exceptional talent and unique style have garnered him worldwide recognition.

5. Daisy Bates (1859–1951)

Daisy Bates, a British-born Australian journalist, and anthropologist, spent a considerable part of her life in the Robe District studying and documenting Indigenous Australian cultures. Her anthropological work has made significant contributions to understanding Aboriginal history and traditions.

6. Captain Matthew Flinders (1774–1814)

Captain Matthew Flinders, an eminent English navigator and cartographer, explored and charted much of the South Australian coastline, including the Robe District. His meticulous mapping and navigational contributions were instrumental in the early development of the region.

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